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Please see below a list of services offered as part of our bespoke packages. We will inspect each property individually and tailor each package accordingly. Please contact us for more information at your local branch.

  • Opening and handling bank accounts.
  • Preparing and sending out service charge estimates.
  • Collecting service charges and reserve fund contributions including sending demands and associated summaries and any required statements.
  • Processing payments relating to the Property within expenditure limits and funds available or as reasonable expediency shall dictate.
  • Accounting for services charges.
  • Providing information to accountants prior to the preparation of annual service charge accounts.
  • Using best endeavours to collect current and on-going routine service charge arrears but not action requiring legal work or tribunals.
  • Providing reasonable management information to the leaseholders.
  • Liaising with the Client.
  • Liaising with any recognised resident(s) association(s).
  • Entering into and managing maintenance contracts on behalf of the Client.
  • Viewing, without the use of inspection equipment, the common parts of the
  • Property to check condition and deal with any necessary repairs other than major repairs.
  • Preparing specifications and contracts for minor works and services, such as cleaning, gardening, window cleaning and overseeing such works
  • Organising periodic health and safety checks (but not specialist checks and tests) and ensuring appropriate risk assessments are in place.
  • Consultation with the client on management matters (and qualifying works).
  • Opening and handling bank accounts.
  • Preparing and sending out service charge estimates.
  • Consultation with the client on long-term agreements except for consultation on the appointment of a Managing Agent.
  • Engaging and supervising on behalf of the Client site sta for the Property and dealing with all matters relating to their employment other than pension and
  • Employment Tribunamatters.
  • Visiting the Property.
  • Dealing with day-to-day lessee issues and reporting to and taking instruction from the Client on lessees’ dissatisfaction.
  • Advising the Client on all relevant legislative and regulatory issues and general interpretation of leases.
  • Keeping records of residents and tenancy details, where provided.
  • Advising and liaising with the Client on management policy.

Any additional work entailed, where the information as listed in Appendix 4 is not forthcoming on the Takeover list.

  • Arranging buildings and other Insurance and dealing with claims
  • Providing copy documents including insurance policies, copies of invoices and receipts, for which there may be a charge. Issuing demands for administration charges with associated summaries of rights.
  • Arranging fire risk assessments by competent persons.
  • The collection of arrears existing at the time of takeover. The provision of leaseholder welcome packs or handbooks.
  • Fees for specialist advice on assessment of major repairs and decoration or other issues.
  • Negotiating with local and statutory authorities regarding operation or amendment or improvements to communal services as necessary.
  • Drawing up and reviewing risk assessment plans. Advising on health and safety matters and other legislative requirements. Preparing specifications, obtaining tenders and supervising major works.
  • Holding annual meetings with residents, if required.
  • Advising and providing information on the transfer of leases. Responding to pre-contract sales enquiries.
  • Advertising and recruiting site sta on behalf of the Client. Dealing with any pension issues relating to site STA.
  • Subletting, changes of use and handling requests for any necessary approvals, lease extensions and variations. Preparing replacement cost assessment for insurance valuation purposes on buildings and landlord contents.
  • Preparing schedules of dilapidation or condition in respect of individual dwellings.
  • Supplying additional copies of the accounts and other documents.
  • Dealing with requests for improvements or alterations by leaseholders and related party wall matters
  • Legal recovery of unpaid service charges and/or ground rents and/or action for non-compliance with leases. Including, instructing solicitors and preparing for and attending Court/Tribunal.
  • Dealing with requests for improvements or alterations by leaseholders and related party wall matters Carrying out appraisals of reserve funds. Including surveys of
  • Property and reporting to Client.
  • Preparing and monitoring major building works not covered by annual contracts, dealing with S20 consultations. Including, serving the required notices, instructing and liaising with specialist consultants, inspecting work in progress, and handling retentions.
  • Preparing statutory accounts for submission to Companies House excluding audit, if required.
  • Company Secretarial Services:
  • Acting as Company Secretary to the Client
  • Issuing membership or share certificates
  • Calling annual general or extraordinary meetings (prepare notices, attending and taking minutes)
  • Carrying out appraisals of reserve funds. Including surveys of Property and reporting to Client.
  • Carrying out appraisals of reserve funds. Including surveys of Property and reporting to Client.
  • Arranging venues for AGM’s and EGM’s.
  • Attending meetings of directors.
  • Attending meetings outside of specified hours.
  • Filing statutory company returns.
  • Fees of specialist advisers.
  • Providing any form of services to the Client over and above this Management Agency Agreement in relation to the exercise by the lessees of Enfranchisement, the Right to Manage or as the result of the Appointment of a Manager by a Tribunal.
  • Dealing with taxation issues relating to trust fund interest.
  • Any matters relating to rent reviews.
  • Answering leaseholders queries additional to those to be reasonably expected and where excess work arises due to this.
  • Providing detailed Legal advice on any of the above.
  • Providing accommodation for meetings and inspection of documents and the facility to make photocopies.
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