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Residential Surveying

Considering purchasing a property?

We offer several Building Survey options which will help to assist you in making the right decision when it comes to buying your next property.

All our reports are written with the reader in mind, ensuring the report is clear and informative without being excessively confusing.

The differing levels of detail allow our reports to be tailored to your needs and each fee quotation is based on the property in question.

What is a Survey?

A residential survey is an assessment of a property which identifies any major issues and would usually be advised for a potential purchaser.

A building survey should not be confused with the mortgage valuation which is undertaken for the lender and will not comment on any defects which might be effecting the proper.

A survey is normally undertaken once an offer has been accepted on a property.


Is a Survey really necessary?

a survey can seem like an unnecessary expense when a lot of money is already being spent on the purchase of the property itself.

Although it goes without saying that being aware of any problems prior to a purchase means an informed decision can be made and, if necessary, a budget for any repair works can be put aside.

It is even possible to re-negotiate the agreed purchase price based on the findings of the survey

Non Purchaser Survey

It is common for property owners to commission surveys before or shortly after agreeing a sale.

The odds of selling a property can increase if any key defects or issues can be addressed and repairs undertaken before potential buyers find them.

Ensuring any defects are already sorted also decreases the possibility of potential purchasers trying to renegotiate the agreed purchase price, saving time and most likely money.

a vendor with a professional’s opinion to hand will usually put them in a much better position to sell their property and negotiate.

A vendor can show potential purchasers the surveyor’s report while they view the property, providing the purchasers with a better impression of the property and its current condition.

Being open and honest with purchasers about any existing defects straight away will reduce the possibility of them finding out about hidden defects later in the process.

Finding out about defects in their own surveyor’s report can often worry a purchaser and can even cause a sale to be lost.

Residential Surveying

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With a combined 50 years local surveying experience our team can help satisfy all you surveying needs. Discuss your needs with one of our team today and find out what services we can provide you.
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Building Survey Reports

Producing Building Survey reports which are tailored to specific needs and price points.

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Reinstatement Cost Reports

Calculating the rebuild cost of a property for insurance purposes, including single dwellings and blocks of flats.

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Schedule of Condition & Dilapidations

A schedule to record the condition of a building and a list of defects which should be rectified.

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